Promoting your song on Spotify isn’t always easy; especially nowadays when (only in Italy) there are more than 250 products published per day (where by product we mean both the single containing one track and the album with 25 tracks).

If you don’t have the right budget for the right promotion, you can use excellent ones tips & tricks affordable for everyone, such as run the pitching on Spotify (which should be done for all products), upload the canvas for each song, or use your own playlist to grow your fanbase by including not only products of your own production.

In this short article we see how create a playlist on Spotify following the instructions provided by the Support of Spotify and how to associate it with your Artist profile so that it is one Playlist of the Artist and finally how to set this featured playlist to appear before the others on your profile.

How create a playlist on Spotify

Below are the instructions for creating a playlist from a mobile device, but on Spotify Support you will find the complete instructions drawn up and updated for both mobile and desktop devices.

  1. Click on your library .
  2. In Music, click on Playlist.
  3. Click on Create playlist.
  4. Give your playlist a name and tap CREATE.

Adding songs to your playlist is even easier:

  1. Click (iOS) (Android) on the song or on podcast episode
  2. Click Add to playlist.
  3. Select a playlist.

There is no real rule, your playlists can be the most diverse ever and contain both a theme song from your favorite cartoon and Symphony n. 5 (Beethoven) and no one will ever tell you that playlist is “not good” or “not good” because it’s yours.

The situation changes when you want to create a playlist to promote your product or to increase your fan base. In this case it is essential to take a reference guideline and take a day to update it so that the real followers who are following you and your “music selection” know (for example) that every Friday morning that playlist will contain new songs relevant to the mood and with genre of the playlist.

For example; our distributed Sandro Bani, who produces purely club-oriented music and who is a DJ, has created his playlist on Spotify and which he updates every Friday with new songs both by himself, by his Label and by artists who produce music of his same genre; he also named the playlist by adding the names of the top artists of the moment contained in the same playlist, so that when searching for a “top” artist of that genre, it can also appear as a result.

To continue the example, our Sandro named his playlist “Sandro Bani’s Dance, Pop and Club – 2021 | Afrojack, MEDUZA, James Blunt, VIZE, Topic“. On his social networks he also takes care of sharing graphics and updates of the same playlist both on the update day itself and randomly throughout the week, such as for example “updated every Friday” o “link in bio for my Spotify playlist always updated” by implementing all the tags of the notable artists included in the same playlist.

How to associate a Spotify playlist to your Artist profile

This step is very simple, but before performing it, you must have created your Spotify 4 Artists profile. Once created the steps are short and simple:

  1. copy the link of the created playlist
  2. go to the “profile” section of your Spotify 4 Artists profile
  3. scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “pencil” symbol in the “Artist Playlists” section
  4. paste the created playlist link
  5. select and click save
Video section Artist Playlist

As you can see from the video, Spotify offers the possibility to add more than one playlist of the Artist; just repeat the process as many times as you want. In this section it is also possible to add a playlist not created by you; if, for example, you have been included in a good editorial playlist offered by Spotify or a Spotify partner, you can insert it with the same procedure.

How to set a featured playlist on your Artist profile

Also for this step you must have created your Spotify 4 Artists profile and also for this step, once created, the steps are very simple:

  1. copy the link of the created playlist
  2. go to the “profile” section of your Spotify 4 Artists profile
  3. click on the “+” in the “Artist Pick” section at the top of the page
  4. paste the created playlist link
  5. select and click save
Video section Artist Pick

In the section Artists Pick it is also possible to insert a background image together with the playlist or insert any single / product present on Spotify (perhaps your product released 10 years ago or the product of a Label with which you have collaborated even if not yours) or even the date of your next concert to search for and/or to create via the portal Songkick

If you want to know more about Digital Distribution, do not hesitate to contact us and/or visit our dedicated page.