Related Right

Related Rights are a set of rules closely linked (connected) to Copyright that protect those who, with their business activity or with their creativity, have worked at the service and completion of the work, in equal measure (or even with a minimum contribution) with the author of the same.

Born following the invention of type supports fonografico and video grafico (cd, mp3, internet, mobile, dvd, file, etc.), alla broadcasting and cinematography and regulated by Title II of the L.D.A., entitled “Provisions on rights related to the exercise of copyright“, in articles from 72 to 101 (Law 22 April 1941 n. 633), the Related Rights are divided into different categories of protection.

Among the most important related rights we can mention those recognized to performers and executors, those that belong to producers of phonograph records or similar supports, those of producers of cinematographic or audiovisual works and those recognized to radio and television broadcasters.

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Music Rails proposes and suggests, for the protection of the Related Right, the registration with ITSRIGHT for the following reasons (we remind all our distributors that the regulations governing the management of the Related Right are indicated when registering with Music Rails):

  • You compensate analytically: the basis of our allocations is the time of effective use of each of your individual musical recordings. We operate with certain and clear rules, in full transparency, to guarantee you a punctual and competent management of your fees for related rights;
  • Punctuality in payments: ITSRIGHT distributes the remuneration you actually accrued in certain times and on a quarterly basis;
  • Zero registration costs: ITSRIGHT’s remuneration is represented solely by a clear and transparent commission equal to 13.50% calculated on the fees actually collected;
  • Team: with a streamlined and specialized structure, ITSRIGHT puts at your disposal a team of professionals with consolidated experience in the related rights management market, always available to offer you information and support in managing your fees;
  • GoRights: with GoRights you enhance your music catalog and increase the value of your fees in a simple, fast and transparent way: click here and find out how;
  • MyRights: access the documentation relating to your fees via the web, complete and print your invoices or receipts. MyRights is the service that simplifies your life in the management of your related rights: a reserved area for easy and immediate consultation where you can monitor and verify the value of your fees accrued for related rights. Where and when you want.


Copyright is a legal institution, within private law, which has the purpose of protecting the fruits of intellectual activity of a creative nature (i.e. the works must be new and original), through the recognition of the original author (or authors in case of creative collaboration) of the work of a series of both moral and patrimonial rights.

Copyright applies to figurative arts, architecture, theatre, cinematography, computer programs and databases, but some works are not protected, for example the laws or the texts of official acts of the State or public administrations.

The owner of the Copyright is generally the one who creates the work, but there are exceptions: as regards a newspaper, for example, the holder of the rights is the publisher, even if the various articles have been written by other employees (who, however, maintain the moral rights as the actual creators of the work in question); or for a cinematographic work, the owner of the rights is the producer.

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Music Rails proposes and suggests, for the protection of Copyright, subscription to Soundreef for the following reasons:

  • Subscription to Soundreef is free, commissions are withheld based on the type of service, which are listed in the Membership Agreement.
  • Depositing songs on Soundreef is free and there are no membership fees.
  • Soundreef provides reporting seven days after a live event date, with analytical payouts 30 days after the reporting quarter is due. For example, if the live event takes place in February, the author/publisher collects his fee at the end of April.
  • We are the only collecting society in the world that reports passages and earnings on YouTube on a monthly basis.
  • We carry out 24/7/365 monitoring of over 26,000 radio and TV stations in the world, of which over 1,600 in Italy, and the data is available to our principals free of charge in their account in real time.
  • With Soundreef you have the possibility to manage your song deposit quickly and easily, in just 4 guided steps and directly online from your Soundreef account, and you can monitor the use of your music for each class of right, viewing the details in the appropriate “Statistics” section.
  • The management and distribution of royalties takes place in a fast, transparent and 100% analytical way.
  • With Soundreef you can protect your music from plagiarism, free of charge and through the revolutionary Blockchain technology, available to all Soundreef owners. Consult the relevant section here.
  • With Soundreef In-Store you also have the opportunity to see your music broadcast on the radio channels of the In-store Network, in over 60,000 businesses in 27 countries around the world that have Soundreef music in their stores. See the “Background Music and In-Store Network” section to learn more.
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As Music Rails we deal with the distribution of digital music regardless of the company that manages the copyright and related right distributed to us. For more information about Digital Distribution, do not hesitate to visit our page and/or contact us.