Today as never before it is very important to be present on as many digital stores as possible; however, the presence on these stores does not guarantee an image of the relevant Artist, Band or Label, and we know how much the image makes the difference in our sector!

Music Rails‘ suggestion is always to prepare for a new release with new graphics dedicated to the product itself; whether it is an “out soon” banner rather than “out now” or the avatar image that recalls the artwork of the outgoing product.

Music Rails distributes its vast catalog (both by number and by musical genre) on up to 76 digital stores in over 400 countries; it is impossible to be present in the same way on each of these but it is essential to be visible and unify everything on the stores that allow it.

Below is a small list of DMS (Digital Music Store) that allow this customization:

Spotify is the “social” store par excellence; on the latter, once access to the Spotify For Artists page has been requested, it is possible to manage an artist page obviously as an Artist, but also as a Manager and/or as a Label; in this way, even the artist’s label or manager can take care of:

  • Pitching In Store
  • of updating Banner and Avatar images
  • the modification of the Biography and related Social Links
  • of the Artist images to be included in the dedicated section
  • of the Canvas publication for each song

Apple Music is less “social” than Spotify but is unified with Shazam; in fact, the customization of the graphics on the Cupertino store allows you to see the same change in the blue store to find out which song we are listening to.

Again the request for access to your own Apple Artist Profile is very simple; just have your own Apple ID (if you don’t have one, just create one for free using an existing email too) and access the following link following the claim instructions:

Once the ownership of the Artist profile of interest has been verified, you will be able to log in with your credentials to be able to carry out the Pitch In Store independently and modify:

  • Avatar
  • Biography
  • Link social

Below is a short video of one of our Artists already in possession of an Apple ID and with one of three Artist profiles already claimed, showing how to claim the missing others; as you can see you can use the iTunes link or the search bar on the site:

Amazon for Artists comes immediately after Apple Music as it is less customizable than Apple but more intuitive and increasingly growing, both in terms of playlist and song suggestion algorithm in relation to our favorite artists, and in catalog growth.

In this case we limit ourselves to providing you with the link to customize your profile without going too far with detailed instructions, since they are present very clearly on the Amazon for Artists site and since they are updated by Amazon very frequently.

For Amazon for Artists Simply have an Amazon account and ask for the verification of your profile via this link: Don’t worry if your request isn’t taken into consideration right away, it may take one to three weeks.

It is possible to request the Amazon for Artists profile both from mobile (iOS and Android) and from a web browser.

For Beatporte for Traxsource, DMS known for their importance in the “Club Oriented” world, we provide below the two links of the respective support, since the instructions for requesting the customizable artist profile are continuously being developed and updated by the stores themselves.

The waiting times for the update of the graphics and the biography on Beatport can be up to five weeks; while for Traxsource they are almost immediate: