Spotify and Amazon Music are the only stores that – to date – allow the Artist rather than the Label to present their product independently. With Spotify 4 Artists and with Amazon Music Artists it is in fact possible to log in as an Artist to request verification of your Artist profile or log in as a Label to request verification of the artist profiles of all the Artists present within the Label roster.

Once access to Spotify 4 Artists and Amazon Music Artists has been requested, it is possible to independently Pitch in Store the songs already delivered.

This process allows Spotify and Amazon Music‘s “Playlist Curators” to consider your songs for editorial playlists of Spotify or Spotify partners (e.g. Digster – a well-known Universal profile, Spotify partner) and by Amazon Music.

Completing the pitching section properly does not guarantee inclusion in the playlist. Not filling in the section dedicated to pitching completely excludes this possibility

Below we want to offer you a couple of screenshots of a Spotify for Artist profile where the Label (Jackpot Records) performed the Pitching on behalf of the Artist. You can see the simplicity of the operations in just two steps and how the Artist can view the work done by the Label with relative submission date of the Pitching in Store followed by the role of the person who carried out the pitching (in this case it was done by the Label A&R).

The style guides and advice offered by the Spotify BLOG for compiling the section dedicated to pitching in an appropriate manner are always evolving and for this reason we suggest you save the following link in your favorites and come back whenever you need: https: //

Amazon Music Artists looks as simple as Spotify 4 Artists but with a slightly different process. We invite you to position yourself on the Amazon Music page dedicated to artists to stay updated on pitching procedures and more. Below is an image updated in November 2021:

The objective of this article is to highlight the importance of Pitching in Store in order to raise awareness of Labels and Artists on the “behind the scenes” work of Digital Distributors and, specifically, of Playlist curators who work for the main DMSs (Digital Music Stores ).

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